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Rapidly improving english

How could I rapidly improving my skill of english?

In my first year of senior high school, I almost failed in each of English exam.

Three year laster, I got a poor grade in English. (43)

After I enter College, the only one course I failed in is the English Oral.

I tried to study English in the second summer vacation of my College.

However, I almost couldn't understand anything that the English teacher said.

From now on, I made a decision to give up my english.

Without the execllent English skill, I still studied our courses well, such as computer science and mathmetics.

After that, I entered a graduate school.

Since I worked in our company, I was asked to pass the FLPT which is another kind of English certification.

I had take part in this certification twice. Of course, I failed.

I tried spent a lot of time to improve my english. But, it is futile.

Except English, I could use a little time to pass our exam of my College and graduate school.

Nevertheless I can't study english well at all.

I memorid a vocabulary many times. But I still forgot it immediately.

Who could teach me the approach that I could rapidly improve my skill of english with?

Thanks you a lot.


In fact, english class is available in my company. I estimate that Passing FLPT is still impossible after finishing the class.

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Not only low, it's really impossible. Absolutely impossible!!!!!

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    第一, 你的問題不是要如何讓你的英文進步, 而是如何考過那些英文證照的試. 英文程度跟證照是兩回事; 我看過很多英文證照一堆但是英文程序差的要命的人.

    第二, 你的英文程度真的很差, 文法跟拼音都一蹋糊塗. 用詞用句跟說中文一模一樣. 不過你的溝通跟寫文章的技巧有不錯的基礎, 所以以你現在寫作的程度用英文去溝通一點都不成問題. 溝通能力跟語言能力是沒什麼關係的.

    我給你的建議很簡單. 既然是要考試就從考試的方面下手, 多做考古題或參加考試的補習班. 這樣分數會進步的最快. 背字典幾乎是沒什麼意思. 一個字背起來但不會用那跟沒背是一樣的.

    I see two problems.

    1) Your goal is not to improve your command of the English language, but to pass the certification exams. Those are two completely different issues; native English speakers might not even pass some of those ridiculous certification exams required despite they are fluent in the language. So your focus should be on improving your chances of passing the exams.

    2) Your command of the English language is very poor. Lots of spelling and grammatical mistakes in addition to failing sentence structures. But I do give you credit on properly expressing yourself; that did demonstrate a good fundamental of communication skills.

    Focus on how to pass the exams instead of improving your command of the English language. Problem sets and tutoring services will be your friend.

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    If there are company sponsored classes, then by all means take it. Passing the certification exam shall greatly boost your confidence in the subject matter.

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    And I do think you have great writing skills; grammar and spellings are rather easy to learn mechanical syntax for you to pick up. Diction and idioms will only come with experience.

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    In fact, english class is available in my company. I estimate that Passing FLPT is still impossible after finishing the class.

    這樣講不太對. 你的用詞跟句型很怪(台).

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    In fact, my company offers an English Class. But I think the chance of me passing the FLPT exam is still quite low even after finishing that class.

    你公司提供英文課, 而不是英文課有空在你公司. 你覺得你過不了FLPT, 而不是全部的人都過不了.

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