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Dialogue A

Jerry and Susan are in their office.

Jerry : It has been raining since last night.

Susan : I heard a typhoon is approaching. It''s going to hit our city tonight.

Jerry : Will it be a strong one?

Susan : Yes, it will. So we had better finish our work as quickly as possible. Traffic will be really bad on our way home.

Jerry : I just received an email1 from the boss.

Susan : Me, too. We''re going to gather for a meeting downstairs in five minutes.

  Dialogue B

The meeting starts after everyone arrives downstairs.

Boss : Here is the list of tasks that need to be done to prepare for the typhoon.

(Everyone is given a list.)

Jerry : I can check if all of the emergency2 lights are in working order.

Susan : And I''ll start putting tape on the windows.

Boss : Jerry, please help Susan when you''re done. Some of the windows will be hard for her to reach.

Jerry : OK. I''ll also make sure they are all closed.

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  • 1 0 年前

    A typhoon is coming.Jerry and Susan were about to attend a conference.During the conference,the boss asked Jerry to help Susan tap the windows in order to make sure they are safe(hard).

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