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so confuse

first i got to said..sorry..i only can write the questions in english..

because i only have english keyboard..but the person want to

answeer the questions can write chinese...because i was born in taiwan.

here is my question makes me so mon she has a friends..

her son is divorce...and wants me to married her son...and my mon

told me so many times already i told i don't want to married

divorce my mon get so angry at me because i told her

i don't want to married her friends son. hope some one can help me.



one more things...i forget to tell..the reason i don't want to

married my mon friends... son is not just he is divorce...because he also

have a son...

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that the reason i don't want to married him.. i don't think i'm ready to become

step mon.

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    First of all, I think your reason for not wanting to marry a person because he has been divorced or has a son is not really bias.

    If you tell your mom this, it will make you seem irrational and unreasonable. That disvocee might be a very nice guy and his son can be really good too.

    Because you didn't mention anything about whether you know him or not. I will assume that you don't know him.

    I think the best thing is tell you mom that you don't know this guy. How can she ask you to marry someone you don't know?

    What you should do it that you should try to get to know this person as a friend first. And if you don't like him, tell your mom why you don't like him.

    And get to know the little boy too. Maybe you will find he's not as bad as you think.

    However, If you know the guy and you don't like him.

    Tell your mom the reason. Don't tell her that you don't like him because he's a divorcee and has a son.

    Give her good reasons. So, she won't get mad and understands your points.

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    First of all, I think your reason for not wanting to marry a person because he has been divorced or has a son is really bias. (forgot to edit the not out.)

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    Well, marrying to these answerers listed above maybe is a good choice.

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    Listen to her reason why she want you to marry this divorced man. Open to listen. And then, your mom will be more willing to your reason for not marry a divorced man.

    Be careful, You need to view this first conversation seriously. Which means, you have to show your interests in her reason and try to understand her.

    After the first conversation, you told your mom let you think about it. Wait couple days, you told her the reason why you really do not want to marry a divorced man.

    At last, there are always some good man who divorced, while there are some bad man who are not divorce. I will recommend you focus on this person, but not a divorced man.

    Wish you a good luck.

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