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關於Hotel飯店酒店專業名詞術語 英文翻譯和解釋

1 Room double locked

2 Transient

3 Master keys

4 Resistance

5 Yield

6 RevPar

7 Point of Sales


9 Out of order/Out of inventory

10 Occupancy rate & Average daily rate :

11 Incidentals


13 Guest ledger

14 City ledge

15 Late charge

總共15個~ 如果可能的話 請幫我翻譯以上這些飯店術語 以及 說明它們的作用 例如Check-in 入宿飯店登記 --- 客人進入飯店並且登入住宿 類似像這樣子~ 在此先謝謝了~

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    1 Room double locked 雙重(兩道)鎖的房間

    2 Transient 暫時性的


    transients at a hotel


    Transient hotel:大部份房間提供短期住宿的旅館

    Transient Guest:短期住宿的旅客

    3 Master keys 通用鑰匙

    樓層總鑰匙 Floor master key

    全館通用鑰匙 General master key

    4 Resistance:抵制;阻力;抗壓;反抗軍

    5 Yield:利潤率 a rate of return based on what the holder earns with direct incomes on a financial instrument or security

    6 RevPar

    RevPAR, 每間空房營收(評估績效好壞)or revenue per available room, is an important metric relevant to the hotel industry. Often it is utilized as a primary statistic indicating the overall financial performance of a property.

    7 Point of Sales銷售時點信息管理系統,狹義的POS系統範圍僅止于銷售管理,而廣義的POS系統,必須是具有整合性的進銷存系統,以及處理、分析帳款的功能,故應視為自動化商店經營之管理信息系統。POS系統在流通過程中,扮演一個很重要的角色,為經營業者提供所需的各種基本資料,是商業流通中最前端的一個系統。

    8 FOLIO(同12)

    9 Out of order/Out of inventory :故障(停用)房/ 庫存沒有 (用光了)

    10 Occupancy rate & Average daily rate : the ratio of the guest rooms sold to guest rooms available for sale in a given time period. = Total room sold/Total rooms available =Occupancy percent (%)

    Occupancy rate:住房率

    Average daily rate:平均每日住房率(費)

    rate :cost of renting a room for a certain time period

    11 Incidentals:;未正式登帳的雜費an expense not budgeted or not specified; "he requested reimbursement of $7 for incidental expenses";附帶事件; 雜項

    12 FOLIO :住房登記單A folio is the account of an individual guest who is currently registered.

    13 Guest ledger:房客帳The guest ledger (or front office ledger or transient ledger) is the collection of all accounts receivable for currently registered guests.


    It can also be defined as the collection of all guest folios.

    14 City ledge:外帳 (T/S或簽約公司簽帳)(不是向房客收) The guest ledger is distinct from the city ledger, which a the collection of accounts receivable for non-registered guests (such as credit card companies).

    15 Late charge:延遲帳(超過退房時間)a fee for staying past the check-out time

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    Total For Stay

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    1. 被鎖的室雙

    2. 瞬變

    3. 万能钥匙

    4. 抵抗

    5. 出產量

    6 .RevPar

    7. 賣點

    8 .跟著

    9. 故障中或在存貨外面

    10. 占用率和 平均每日费率:

    11. 偶發事件

    12 .跟著

    13. 客人總帳

    14. 城市壁架

    15. 迟延付款费



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