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, 很多的歷史告訴我,女性天生在教育上,在工作上就是會受到許多不平等的待遇。沒有原因,只能默默接受。


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    Having read a series of articles related to sex segregation and occupational gender inequality towards women, I get more familiar with the roles women used to play from ancient times till nowadays. They tend to endure all the pains imposed on them, meanwhile they are willing to sacrifice everything and work to death just to protect their families or the people they love. There are various roles in the living hood of a woman such as daughter, wife and mother. Regardless of the roles they play, it seems that their voice always remain unheard.

    History told me, women are born to be treated unequally in most of their human rights; including their rights to receive education and be given same opportunities in the job market. These are not related to personal reasons, and most women have no choice but to swallow this unfair situation.

    I am not a advocator of feminism. However I would like to see men and women be treated equally. Nowadays, women do a lot of works which were only done by men traditionally. Thus, let’s follow the trend and not to create gender inequality circumstances, I believe the sex segregation issue will be diminished over time. Don’t you think so ?


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    already read a lot articles about female in inequality on gender, i have gradually get into the character of the females in ancient time till present, industriousness and stamina, bearing hardships without complaining. no matter on what particular time (woman have a lot of different kinds of character to deal with in her whole life : Daughter, Wife, Mother) woman always must living quietly.

    , a lot of history told me, innately woman on their education, on their jobs will have a lot of inequality treatment. No reason, only can keep it inside the heart and accept it.

    i'm not only a feminism advocator, but i still hope that there will have equal in gender. traditionally the works that males can deal with, nowadays also have a lot of females joining, so don't intent to identify the gender, so then can lessen a lot matters between the gender, right?

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    Read very many about the female after the sex not the equal article, my gradually custom the female acts since the ancient times the role, endures hardships, bears the burden of responsibility.No matter which time (in woman's life acts many different roles: The daughter, the wife, the mother) the woman always must live whith silent.Very many histories tell me, female inborn in education, is can receive many unequal treatments in the work.Without the reason, only can accept it silently.I am not a feminism initiator, but I hope the men and women to be able to be equal.In the tradition the man may do the work, now also has multi-females participation, therefore do not have to go to a minute sex sedulously, can reduce many questions between sexes , its'nt that right?