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    What happened to my dream job?

    Business students brace for fewer, skimpier offers in the changing economy

    TAVIA GRANTFrom Monday's Globe and Mail

    October 27, 2008 at 4:27 AM EDT

    Some firms are staying away altogether. The big New York firms -JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and Merrill Lynch - were no-shows atrecruiting events this fall.

    In Vancouver, Ms. Lee and members of her UBC Finance Club invited100 financial firms to career night. Only 20 showed up. "Most companiessaid they're not hiring right now. Students are more open now to theidea of not landing their dream job," Ms. Lee said.

    Some offers for what were once permanent jobs have morphed intosummer employment only, said Jeff Muzzerall, director of the RotmanSchool of Management's corporate connections centre.

    He's seen exactly the same number of firms visit this year. But thecomposition has shifted. Health-care companies and some companies fromDubai, China and the U.S. are aggressively recruiting, while Canadianfinancial firms are more "conservative" this year, Mr. Muzzerall said.

    Bank of Nova Scotia is still hiring for its retail and commerciallines. "We might not have as many new positions maybe in the next year,but having said that, we're still being faced with retirement, normalturnover and churn, so we're still looking," said Bruce Smith,Halifax-based senior manager of staffing and planning.

    The war for talent has certainly not stopped - National BankFinancial and Towers Perrin, for example, both plan to hire the samenumber of grads they normally do - 20. Schulich's Mr. Palumbo isnonetheless telling finance students to accept offers early, ratherthan waiting and hoping for multiple offers.

    Tavia Grant

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