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能幫我寫出1:30秒前 所有的句子


他唸的好快 聽好幾次都聽不出來


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    Welcome to Kindle, Amazon's new wireless reading device. that let you read books, magazines, newspapers and blogs anywhere, anytime. Let's take a look at what it's like to read with Kindle. I'll show you how to find and buy your favorite books, magazines, newspapers and blogs, and I'll point out some unique features,too. Okay, here it goes. Kindle is about the same size as your typical paper bags, and lighter than many, weighing just 10.3 ounces. The screen is easy on your eyes because Kindle uses an electronic paper display that eliminates the kind of eye-strain you get when reading on a PC or PDA. and the display doesn't use back-lighting, so just like paper, it is easy to read outside on a sunny day, as it is inside your living room or office. You turn pages with a simple touch on the "page-turn" buttons, and because there are buttons on both sides, you can use either hands. Simply touch the "next page" button when you're ready to move forward, or the "previous page" button to go back. Use the select wheel when you want to choose an item on the page or the menu, for example, when you want to pick a new book to read off of your home screen, use your thumb to roll the cursor up or down, and then press the "select" wheel to make your selection. If you need larger letters, change the size of the text by pressing on the text key on the keyboard.


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