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1.In what way is Hawkeye the hero the books? As the hero, why isn’t Hawkeye involved in either of the novel’s love stories? (The last of the Mohicans)

2.Anne Bradstreet’s “Upon the Burning if Our House”

(a) Why does the speaker bless God as her house is burning down?

(b) Do you think the contemporary attitude toward worldly goods is similar to or

different from that expressed in this poem? Explain your answer.

3. Edward Taylor’ “Huswifery”

(a) What does the poem suggest about the speaker’s attitude toward God?

(b) What seems to be the poem’s overall purpose?

(c) How do the final two lines convey Taylor’s belief that religious grace comes

as a gift from God, rather than as a result of a person’s efforts?

(d) What a process do you think Taylor might have described in the poem if he

had written it while living in today’s society?

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    1.用什麼方式Hawkeye是否是英雄書? 作為英雄, Hawkeye為什麼沒有介入在小說的爱情小说? (莫希乾人的為時)

    2.在燃燒的安妮Bradstreet的「如果我們的议院」 (a)報告人為什麼保祐上帝她的房子烧毁? (b)您是否是否是認為當代態度往财产类似或与用這首詩表達的那不同? 解釋您的答復。

    3.愛德華Taylor 「Huswifery」 (a)詩建議什麼關於報告人的態度往上帝? (b)什麼似乎是詩的整體目的? (c)最後的二條線怎麼表达泰勒的信仰由於人的努力,宗教雍容来自作为禮物上帝,而不是? (d)您認為過程泰勒也許已经描述了在詩,如果他在今天社會时寫了它,当居住?


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  • 1 0 年前

    1.用什麼方式Hawkeye是否是英雄書? 作為英雄, Hawkeye為什麼沒有介入在小說的爱情小说?(莫希乾人的為時。)


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