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英文作文 文法問題

1.bride throws out a fan from the limo window then pick up for sister-in-law (the fan tail tie a red envelope and handkerchief)


2.This act symbolized is bride doesn't regret and not rested an idea of wife)


3.Then about the limo is decorated with two even root take the leaf sugarcanes in the car top that the marriage has a head to have tail and the limo can't be driven to the fourth(usually be all driven to the second)


4.Final person looks at wedding it has to be born in the year of the people of a tiager to let the bridegroom and bride not get along well or infertile because the ancients says that the tiger can injure people.


希望會的人能幫我看哪裡有錯幫我改一下 或是有更好的寫法請幫我....(希望答案是對的)

急!!! 請幫忙 謝謝

2 個解答

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    1.The bride throws a fan out of the limo window, lets her sisters or brothers pick it up (the fan tail tied with a red envelope and a handkerchief)


    2.This above act symbolizes that the bride will not regret and not rest as an ideal wife

    (the Chinese pronunciation of fan is the same as a Chinese word , leave)


    3.Then the limo car roof will be decorated with two sugarcanes which with roots and leaves, meaning that the marriage will like the sugarcanes has a head and a tail (the marriage will last from the beginning to the end) and the limo can't be placed at the fourth position.(usually be the second one, because four in the East is an unlucky number)


    4.The last thing, the person with lunar animal symbolizing tiger should not attend the wedding , because the ancient people believe that tiger will hurt the relation of the marriage and the bride , it will make the bride become barren.


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