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麻煩大大提供一下 英文


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    The smooth white stone ground, matching wears the black not to get the unlined upper garment, each one elephant model's sales clerk. The entire platoon chocolate is placed respectful and prudent glass Chen Liegui, has the courage to arrive at the human who the counter purchases, may result in while convenient the chocolate waterfall which fragrant thick four overflows that looks at a care.  Nepal's shop looks like from Mark, the Belgian treats the chocolate, but is serious. To an image ordinary small country, “the world first chocolate” is an important nickname. The reason that Belgium can call the king on the chocolate, just like the German excels at build car, the Italian most adept Kashmir woolen sweater, depending on is to 絕 the live craftsmanship zeal, and a generation circulates a generation of insistence.  In addition, Belgium once colonized still occupies the global cocoa beans output 70% several Africa country until now, is also the substantial clause. Belgium and France are the neighbour, the good food are also the important traditions, but actually toward quite succinct leads a life of comfort the development: Beer, potato piece and chocolate.  But, Belgium's chocolate is really the world first? Some people possibly did not agree. Switzerland on the non-struggle high under may not, but new book "chocolate: Also painstakingly sweet black and white legend" Paris author Rowson cloth Lu Ye does not concede, asserts the best chocolate from France.  In order to confirm which is right and which is wrong, the author was special “” selflessly has carried on one small, half science experiment. Looks for several to try eating, by the wine-tasting way, evaluates from regional, has not indicated sign's soft heart chocolate.

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