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寫作文要用的>< 希望可以多一點!!


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  • 莎莎
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    The pot calls the kettle black 五十步笑百步

    Exclude each other like fire and water 或

    As incompatible as ic and hot coals 水火不相容

    In a state of disunity 一盤散沙

    Each does what he thinks is right 各行其是

    Both parties claim to b in the right 公說公有理,婆說婆有理

    Fight against one's own men 同室操弋

    Watch in safety while others fight , then reap the spoils when both

    sides are exhausted 坐山觀虎鬥

    A disorderly band 烏合之眾

    Put the blame on one's victim 倒打一把



    Too numerous to mintion .

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    United, we stand; divided,we fall.合則存,分則亡。


    2008-11-15 14:12:50 補充:

    As incompatible as ice and hot coals. 水火不相容(原ice漏了e)

    Both parties claim to be in the right. 公說公有理,婆說婆有理(原be漏了e)

    A disorderly band. 或 Sheep that have no shepherd.烏合之眾

    另Too many cooks spoil the broth(亦可用soup).人多嘴雜

    貌合神離Two parties seem in harmony but actually at variance.

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    人多嘴雜 :

    Too many cooks spoil the broth.

    Agreement is difficult if there are too many people

    參考資料: myself + Dr. eye