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Jim Carrey is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He now makes about twenty million dollars per movie and is one of the highest paid actors in the world. He may be famous now, but life wasn't always so _(1)_ for him.

_(2)_ the age of 14, Jim's father lost his job. The family had to move from Toronto, Canada, to another city. The entire family, _(3)_ Jim, his sisters and brother, and parents, all had to go to work for a tire factory. Jim worked as a janitor sweeping the floors and also as a security guard. Not only _(4)_ to work eight hours a day at the factory, but he also went to school. _(5)_, he dropped out of school. Jim Carrey's life is a rags-to-riches story. He is now living a life he could have only dreamed about years ago.

1. (A) hard

(B) difficult

(C) bad

(D) easy

2. (A) In

(B) For

(C) At

(D) On

3. (A) included

(B) includes

(C) including

(D) include

4. (A) he had

(B) he has

(C) he would

(D) did he have

5. (A) At the end

(B) On the end

(C) In the end

(D) For the end





1.What is the purpose of this sign?

(A) To tell you where to park your bike.

(B) To sell a car to someone.

(C) To stop your car in the park.

(D) To warn you not to leave your car there.



1. If the waitress serves you the fish special, what should she bring you?

(A) Rice, salad, bread, and tea.

(B) Noodles, salad, and milk.

(C) Potato, salad, and coffee.

(D) Bread, juice, salad, and potato.

2. What would be your total if you and a friend ordered two chicken specials?

(A) NT$230.

(B) NT$330.

(C) NT$130.

(D) NT$220.



1. Where would this ad be seen?

(A) At a train station.

(B) In a newspaper.

(C) In a bookstore.

(D) On a tree.

2. Who shouldn't respond to this ad?

(A) Someone that is a lot of fun.

(B) A woman that is twenty-seven.

(C) A person that smokes.

(D) Someone that isn't married.


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    d c a a b


    d a d b c