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    expiration: 用於活動截止日、申辦到期日、報名截止日等.

    expiry: 用於食品藥品使用期限、票據文書效期、生命終結等.

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  • Kevin
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    Well done, Elisa!

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  • Elisa
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    Expiration: a coming to an end; termination; close: the expiration of a contract.

    Expiry: an end or termination, as of life or a contract. An expiration, especially of a contract or an agreement

    Expiry 通常用於法律(合同)期限例如勞資協議到期,期貨合約到期。

    Expiration 通常用於每日日常生活用語,例如駕駛執照到期日, 食品效期。

    Expiration is more commonly used around day-to-day life stuff, such as expiration of food, expiration of your driver license.

    While, expiry is more commonly used in legal (contract) terms such as the expiry of labor contract, the expiry of options/future contracts.

    Actually, a lot of the time, they are used interchangeably as you can see from the examples below. 實際上,很多時刻,他們可交換地使用。

    On Medication -

    Most of what is known about drug expiration dates comes from a study conducted by the Food and Drug Administration at the request of the military.

    (From Harvard Medical School )

    Warning given over expiry dates for drugs

    (From Irish Health Co.)

    (From Dr. Susan Kashaf)

    On Food –

    Do Food Expiration Dates Really Matter?

    (From Web MD)

    Managers on trial for altering food expiry dates

    (From Gulf News)

    On Contract -

    Notice of any malfunction must be given to NHP prior to the expiration of this contract.

    (From National Home Protection)

    Tenancy contract becomes invalid after expiry of term

    (From Gulf News)

    參考資料: Myself. Went abroad at age 11. With 32 years experience speaking and writing English. Tutored English as an Undergrad. A project manager in the US since 1992.
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  • Mike
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    Expiration 是到期的意思, 可以用在任何東西上, 像牛奶, 機票, 折扣卷, 等等.

    Expiry 也是到期的意思, 但只有用在合約上.

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