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2.6. GSH Determination

Reduced glutathione was determined using the glutathione reductase 5,50-

dithiobis-2-nitrobenzoic acid (DTNB) recycling procedure (Tietze, 1969). Briefly,

100 mg of tissues was homogenized in a buffer containing EDTA (0.2 M) to obtain

4% (w/v) whole homogenate. Then, 1.5 ml of the suspension was taken and mixed with a buffer containing 2.5 ml distilled water and 0.5 ml of 50% TCA. The mixture

was then centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 15 min, and 1 ml of the supernatant was

mixed with 1 ml of Triss buffer (0.4 M, pH = 8.9) and 0.1 ml of DTNB (0.01 M).

The absorbance was measured after 5 min at 412 nm using a Beckman DU_-7 spectrophotometer

(Sedlak and Lindsay, 1968).

2.7. Histopathological studies

The organs were removed from the animals and a part of the liver or lung tissues or one of the kidneys from the related groups were fixed in 10% formalin for at least 24 h. Then, the paraffin sections were prepared (automatic tissue processor,

Autotechnique) and cut into 5 lm thick sections in a rotary microtome. The sections were then stained with Haematoxylin–Eosin dye and were studied for histopathological changes. Histological damages were scored as follows: 0: absent; +: mild; ++: moderate; and +++: severe.

2.8. Statistical analysis

All values are expressed as means ± standard deviation (SD) of six samples. ANOVA followed by student Newmans–Keuls test was used to evaluate the significancedifferences of the results obtained. All computations were performed usingSPSS software.

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    [英文]請幫我翻譯一段有關食品科學的英文期刊2.6 。穀胱甘肽測定穀胱甘肽決心利用穀胱甘肽還原酶5,50 -d ithiobis- 2 -硝基苯甲酸( D TNB)回收程序(蒂策, 1 969年) 。簡言之, 100毫克的組織勻漿中含有乙二胺四乙酸緩衝液( 0.2米)獲得4 %(瓦特/ v )的整體勻漿。接著, 1.5毫升的暫停,並採取了混有一個緩衝載2.5毫升蒸餾水和0.5毫升50 %醋酸。混合物,然後在3000離心轉速為15分鐘, 1毫升的上清液混合1毫升Triss緩衝液( 0.4男, pH值= 8.9 )和0.1毫升的DTNB ( 0.01米) 。

    吸光度測量5分鐘後,在412納米使用貝克曼DU_ - 7分光光度計( Sedlak和林, 1968年) 。 2.7 。病理組織學研究機構從動物和部分肝或肺組織或一個腎臟的相關團體,固定在10 %的福爾馬林至少24小時然後,石蠟切片準備(自動組織的處理器, Autotechnique )和削減為5個流明厚的部分在一個旋轉切片。這幾節,然後染色,蘇木精,伊紅染料,並研究了組織病理變化。組織學損害得分如下: 0 :缺席; + :輕度; + + :中度;和+ + + :嚴重。 2.8 。統計分析所有值都表示為手段±標準差(標準差) 6個樣品。方差其次是學生紐曼兩比較試驗是用來評價significancedifferences所取得的成果。所有的計算進行了usingSPSS軟件。

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