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親合力的英文???who can tell me

請問有誰知道有哪些相關的詞可以解釋' ' '親合力' ' ' in English?


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  • rman n
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    welcoming, pleasant, agreeable, congenial, affable,cordial,obliging

    我認為 "approachable"是最接近的

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  • Elisa
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    Harmonious and pleasant characteristic

    Friendly and harmonious personality

    Friendly and amicable appeal

    Friendly and sociable attitude

    Warm and congenial virtue

    Mr. Wang treats his staff with care and considerations, which makes interacting with him harmonious and pleasant.

    He has a friendly and amicable appeal that nobody can resist.

    He has a friendly and harmonious characteristic which warms up to people.

    He is friendly and amicable in attitude.

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    你要問的是某人很有親和力, 很好相處嗎?

    若是如此, 在英國最常聽到的就是一些很簡單的用語,像是:

    sweet, smiling, nice, lovely, easy to get together with

    參考資料: 國外生活經驗
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    accessable...will be a lot better....

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    Cuz thats what we said in CA.

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