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    During these years of (rising/increasingly) temperatures of the planet, extremely hot weather in summer, and it’s getting more and more (uncold/warm up) in winter, all of those consequences are result from some of high-tech products we used, as follows: refrigerants in refrigerator, auto exhausts, industrial noxious gases…etc, and overdeveloping cause hyper CO2 and reduced forests.


    These cause the Greenhouse effect, and have had influenced life and health.


    So we (use less energy and) reduce CO2 emissions in daily lives. Turn up the temperature of the air conditioning. Use of people mover to reduce CO2 emissions can make good living surroundings


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  • 1 0 年前

    In recent years, the temporature of the earth has been on the rise. It becomes extraordinarily scorching hot in summer,and winter becomes

    warmer and warker. The phenomenon has been the consequences

    caused by our using some high-tech devices, such as air-conditioners and motors and the fumes from the factories. Besides, overdeforestation causes more and more carbon-dioxydes building up. They not only lead to global warming but also affect our health and lives.

    Therefore we should control the emmition of carbon-dioxydes in our daily lives.

    Tune up the temporature when using the airconditioners. To reduce the emmition of CO2, take the public transportation vehicles . By doing so, we can own a well living environment.

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    Our temperature on the earth has been raised over these several years, it was hot that summer became unusual, winter does not become colder and colder, all these are the consequence that we use some high-tech products to cause, such as waste gas of the air conditioner, car and factory,etc., and the excessive development forest cause CO2 more and more. It is original and fierce that all these cause greenhouse effects, and will all sound our life and health. So we should economize and control the discharge of CO2 from daily life. Heighten temperature while using the air conditioning, go out and take masses' means of transport in order to reduce the discharge of CO2, in this way we will have a good living environment.






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