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例:sofa 沙發........


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    chair 椅子

    Plastic chair 塑膠椅

    Highest-ranking imperial concubine's chair 貴妃椅

    Stone chair 石椅

    Deck chair 躺椅

    Wooden chair 木椅

    Bench 長凳

    Low stool 矮凳

    Office chair 辦公椅

    Rotate the chair 旋轉椅

    Kick the stool 踢凳

    Wooden chair of song 曲木椅

    Meal chair 餐椅

    Folding chair 摺疊椅

    Iron foot chair 鐵腳椅

    Rattan woven ware chair 藤編椅

    But a pile of meal chair 可疊餐椅

    Classical meal chair 古典餐椅

    Lightning chair 閃電椅

    Square chair 方椅

    Round chair 圓椅

    Have the chair had one's hair wash 洗髮椅

    Domestic chair 國產椅

    Bar counter chair 吧台椅

    Massage chair 按摩椅

    Sofa low stool 沙發矮凳

    Take in the chair 收納椅

    Auxiliary chair 輔助椅

    Chair of public relations 公關椅

    Rectangle foot chair 長方形腳椅

    Negotiate the chair 洽談椅

    Colored chair 彩色椅

    Leisure chair 休閒椅

    Armchair 單人沙發

    Bride's chair 新娘椅

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    Slippery chair 滑椅

    Comfortable chair 舒服椅

    Broken chair 破椅

    Rotten chair 爛椅

    Angle chair 角椅

    Foot chair 腳椅

    Stuffy chair 悶椅

    Along chair 順椅

    chair lift 纜椅

    chaise 睡椅

    Rolls the chair 滾椅

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