Sunshine state-drug dealer 的歌詞


Sunshine state的 drug dealer





他們的day job因為機車廣告的配樂變的很紅


找不到 drug dealer 的歌詞...> <

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    James Bryan and Aleza Coldevin為主要成員

    James Bryan是加拿大知名的吉他手,寫歌,製作都行的

    全方面藝人,幫Nelly Furtado寫過歌~

    Drug Dealer (A Love Song)

    been flirting with you for a while

    i like your eyes, i like your style

    when you said you liked mine too

    i thought i could get close to you

    you called me often, made me laugh

    (and)soon we had made dinner plans

    we ate a lot and i got drunk

    we closed the restaurant down

    i was thinking "is it your place or mine?"

    you said you didn’t have the time

    you said you had to work but it was already past2

    *are you a doctor?

    are you an artist?

    are you the man

    who cleans the streets when i’m in bed?

    are you a writer

    do you drive a taxi until dawn?

    (or) am i just too naive to know

    what’s going on?

    last friday i went out with friends

    to hear my favorite dj spin

    i danced until my feet got sore

    then i saw you on the floor

    i asked you to come dance with me

    you said " i’d love to but you see,

    even though you’re looking fine,

    i’m working. i don’t have the time."

    but you’re not behind the bar,

    you’re not bouncing or parking cars

    so tell me what exactly do you do


    at carol’s party last weekend

    i brought you by to meet my friends

    when we walked in, the room went dead

    someone took me aside and said,

    "i don’t think he’s you type,

    he deals drugs every night

    and vesides that he has a girlfriend or two."

    so, you’re not a doctor

    you’re not an artist

    you’re not the man who cleans the streets

    when i’m in bed, no,no

    you’re not a writer

    you don’t drive a taxi until dawn

    i guess i was too naive to know

    what’s going on


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    lovely song^^