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誰能幫我翻譯以下文章?? 翻的要通順合理


Westland,Mich,USA Every July,the town of

Westland has a party .It is exciting for everyone!

The town puts 200,000 kilograms of dirt in a park.

Then workers put 75,000 liters of water on the dirt.

Suddenly there is a big sea of mud .

A thousand children and teenagers run into the soft

mud.Some try to swim in it.And some have mud

fights.How do the dirty kids get the mud off?First ,

fire fighters wash them with their hose,and then the

wet kids go home and take a bath.

Lauryn Jackson went to Mud Day this year with her

younger brother.She pushed him into the mud and

then put his face in it." That was fun!" she said.

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    美國, 西島鎮. (Mich-應該是指密西西跟州). 每年七月西島鎮都會舉行一次派對. 鎮上的所有人都感到很興奮. 他們放了 二十萬公斤的泥土到公園裡還加了75000公升的水在泥土上. 突然間公園成了泥漿海.

    數以千計的小孩子 跟青少年在泥漿裡遊戲. 有的在泥漿裡游泳, 有的在泥漿裡玩打架. 但是這些小孩子要怎麼把泥漿清乾淨呢? 首先 消防員用水管清洗他們 接著 這些溼答答的小朋友再回家洗澡. 蘿倫 傑克森. 今年也和她的弟弟一起去參加這個泥漿日. 她把弟弟推進泥漿裡還把它的臉浸在泥漿裡. 她說: 這樣子 很有趣



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