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求英文高手幫忙翻譯(很急) 高贈點




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    Hualien is a mountainous place and face the ocean. The air is very fresh there.

    The hostels are very comfortable. When the tourists arrive Hualien, Of course Taroko International Park is the first scenic spot. Its mountains are spectacular.

    If the tourists have enough time they can take a walk to 九曲洞. If in summer, the tourists have to watch the day lily. The flowers are full of the field and as beautiful as flower sea. Besides, 七星潭 is also a famous scenic spot. The seawater is very clean, but the tourists can't play in the water. If the tourists want to play, they can go to the Maritime Park. The park has abundant marine lives, and there are many amusement facilities they can play. You can release your tiredness and relax yourself in Hualien. Here is really a wonderful place.

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    這是我翻的 希望對你有幫助

    Hualian is the mountainous area depends on the sea, that side air is fresh, that side people sleep are very comfortable, to Hualian, was certainly arrives at too Lu Ge to have a look first, that side mountain scenery was majestic, might be possible to arrive at nine tune holes while convenient, if in the summer remembered that must go to look golden needle Huahai, Man Man a piece was very attractive, but also had the Big Dipper deep pool, the sea water was clean, but could not play with water, if wanted to play, might arrive at the sea park, inside had the rich marine life, also had the amusement facility to be possible to play, might let weary vanishing in Hualian, was a very good place.

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