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    will you have good luck if you carry a silver coin. many people believe that carrying a certain coin can bring good luck, sometimes women wear a coin on the bracelet for luck.a coin with a hole in it is supposed to be specially lucky in some countries. This idea began long ago before coins were even used. people believed that a shell or a stone with a hole in it could keep away evil spirits. coins with the hole will do the same. There are many other believes about how money can bring good luck. here are few examples. if you find a coin, you will find even more coins. a jar of pennies in the kitchen will bring good luck. a coin in the bride shoot of wedding will lead to happy marriage. if you give a purse or wallet as a present, put a coin inside. then the new owner will never be without money. There are also stories about how money may bring bad luck. one story says that it is unlucky to dream about money. another story warns about what may happen when you carry coins in the pocket. shaking the coins and making jingling noises will bring bad luck in love .


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