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求Trey Songz-Last Time中文歌詞

求Trey Songz-Last Time"中文"歌詞

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    [Trey: Talking]

    This The Last Ime, Its The Last Chapter


    [Verse 1:]

    Cuz If She Catch Me With You 因為如果她抓到你和我在一起

    She Gon Kill Us 她會殺了我們

    These Hotel rooms is Looking To Familiar 這間旅館的房間看起來好熟悉

    Your Love Is So, So Serious 你的愛是如此的認真

    Girl You Keep Me Comin Back That Is 女孩你讓我回來

    I Be With Her Thinkin Of You 我和她在一起的時候想到你

    I Be With You Thinkin Of Her, My Boo 我和你在一起的時候想到她,我的馬子

    She Dont Deserve This 她不值得

    Aint Nobody Perfect But I Just Cant Take No More




    Im Livin Two Different Lifes 我活在兩種不同的生活

    One Girl In The Day 一個在白天的女孩

    You At Nite 你在晚上

    And Even Though This Aint Right 而即使這不對

    I Just Cant Get Enough Of The Way You Put It Down


    You Really Got Me Trippin 你真的讓我反常

    Hold Up Baby Girl 阻礙了寶貝女孩

    Dont Talk Jus Listen 別說,只要聽著


    Girl For Da Last Time 最後一次了,女孩

    Yep I Said Da Last Time 我說這是最後一次

    Gurl this is The Last Time

    All Caught Up And Its Time 全被趕上,而是時候了

    And its time to Put It Down 是時候放下

    You really Got Me Trippin hold up Baby Girl Jus Listen This The

    Last Time 最後一次

    [Verse 2:]

    See The Problem Is 看到問題

    Im Too Deep Involved 我牽扯太深

    To Be Playin Wit Yo Emotions 和你玩弄感情

    You Really Got Me Open 你真的讓我敞開心胸

    I Gotta Figure It Out 我想瞭解

    Cant Let No Pussy Come Before My Baby 在我寶貝之前,別讓其他小貓進來

    Not Baby No 不是寶貝不行

    Cuz Shes Da Only One that Ease My Mind 因為她是唯一讓我卸下心防的人

    But Girl You Jus So Fine (Ooh!) 但女孩你是如此美好

    Give It To Me One Last Time 給我最後一次

    Baby Let Your Hair Down 寶貝,放下你的頭髮

    Take It To The Bed Now 現在把它放到床上

    Spread Dem Lovely Legs Now 現在展開你愛的腿

    One Last Round 最後一回合




    Let Me See Yo Take Of Ya Clothes(For The Last Time)


    Lets Keep This Thang On Tha Low(For The Last Time)


    Tell Me How You Wanna Get It 告訴我你多麼想要

    I Kno Ya Favorite Is Da Kitchen 我知道你最愛是那個廚房

    And Da Way I Used To Kiss It 而那是我習慣親吻的方式

    Gurl I Know Your Gonna Miss It 女孩我知道你錯過了

    But Theres Only One Condition 但只有一種狀況

    Baby Please Dont Fuss 寶貝請別緊張不安

    Dont Be Trippin 別反常

    Keep It Pimpin 繼續維持

    Baby girl Lets Jus Make Luv 寶貝女孩就讓我們享受愛

    Im Living Two Different Lifes 我活在兩種不同生活



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