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因全球經濟環境不景氣, 和本公司cost down 的政策下, 我們有強大的壓力須做運費的成本節省


請各位廠商協助降低相關費用, 並依附檔提供新的報價,

我們將依新的報價, 重新配置各航線的貨運

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    We would like to appreciate that the cooperation and support from you during this period.

    Because of the global economic recession and the cost down policy in our company, we have to scant the costs of freightage. After we reviewed the former freightage costs and investigated the related market prices, we demand hopefully that you can reduce the related expenses and please enclose the file while you provide the new quote. We will redeploy the new routes of each freight transport according to the new quote as soon as possible.

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    Because thanks each cooperation manufacturer cooperation and the assistance for long the global economic environment is not booming, with under this company cost down policy, we have the formidable pressure to make the transport expense cost which and the investigation related market price the transport expense the cost savings process carefully examines, asks each manufacturer to assist to reduce the related expense, and attaches to the files to provide the new quoted price, we will depend on the new quoted price, redeploys various routes' freight transportation