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有點多 辛苦了 感謝!!!

1.Please specify all of the uses planned for the HONE products you are ordering:

2.Please advise of your involvement in any of the following activities by checking each applicable box below:

[ ] YES [ ] NO Nuclear activities.

This includes research on or development, design,

manufacture, construction, testing or maintenance of any

nuclear explosive device, nuclear reactor, facility for

fabrication, conversion, processing or storage of nuclear

fuel, components thereof, or other similar activities.

[ ] YES [ ] NO Chemical or biological weapons activities.

This includes the design, development, production,

stockpiling or use of chemical or biological weapons.

[ ] YES [ ] NO Rocket systems activities.

This includes the design, development, production or use of

rocket systems including ballistic missile systems, space

launch vehicles, sounding rockets, and unmanned air

vehicles including cruise missile systems, target drones,

and reconnaissance drones.

[ ] YES [ ] NOMaritime nuclear propulsion activities.

This includes any activity relating maritime nuclear

propulsion plants, their land prototypes and facilities for

their construction, support or maintenance.

[ ] YES [ ] NOMilitary activities.

This includes any activity with a non-U.S. military or

defense organization or an entity owned or controlled by a

non-U.S. military or defense organization (“non-U.S.”

includes NATO and Coalition military forces).

Provide a detailed explanation of any affirmative answer above:

The undersigned is authorized to execute this form on behalf of the Company.

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    2.請勸告您的在的介入任何以下活動通过檢查下面每個可適用的箱子: []是[]沒有核活動。這包括研究或發展,設計,製造、建築、其中任一的測試或者維護核炸弹設備,核反应堆,設施為製造,轉換,處理或者存貯核刺激,組分,或者因此其他相似的活動。 []是[]沒有化學製品或生物武器活動。這包括設計,發展,生產,對化工或生物武器的儲備或使用。 []是[]沒有火箭隊系统活动。這包括設計、發展、生產或者用途 迅速上升系統包括弹道导弹系統,空間發射車、探空火箭和無人空氣車包括寻呼台系統,靶机,并且无人侦察机。 []是[] NOMaritime核推進力活動。這包括關係海核的所有活動推進力植物、他們的土地原型和设施為他們的建築、支持或者維護。 []是[] NOMilitary活動。這包括與軍事非美國的所有活動或防禦組織或a擁有或控制的個體非美國軍事或防禦組織(「非美國」包括北約和聯合军事力量)。 提供上面所有肯定的答復的一個详细说明: 簽名於末尾被批准代表公司執行這個形式。

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