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請問什麼是 in a tenth of a second?

請問什麼是 in a tenth of a second?


The makers of the airbag say it can be strapped around the waist and will inflate in a tenth of a second if it detects that the person wearing it is accelerating towards the ground.

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  • Elisa
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    In a tenth of a second = in a split second

    瞬間, 眨眼之間,比喻極為短暫的時間

    2008-11-19 06:08:22 補充:

    The makers of the airbag say it can be strapped around the waist and will inflate in a tenth of a second if it detects that the person wearing it is accelerating towards the ground.

    氣袋的製造者說氣袋可以捆在腰邊. 如果它查覺出佩帶它的人加速地往地面衝去, 會瞬間充氣膨脹。

    2008-11-21 14:52:40 補充:

    Hi, 朱哥

    I am very certain that I am right. Please see my Chinese translation. In addition, I have verified with my American colleagues too. One tenth of a second means the airbag will inflate in less than a second and you cannot really count that, which means in no time, right away.

    2008-11-22 20:18:49 補充:

    Hi, 朱哥

    Thanks for your comment. Yes no one can understand English perfectly even the the native speakers who speak them all the time, let alone the non native speakers. Maybe you do need to translate it literally.

    2008-11-22 20:24:21 補充:

    I will ask my car dealership. I think that since they are selling the cars, they would be able to tell me the true meaning of this. By the way, do you work for a car manufacturer and in the advertising business? How can you be so sure that it has to be translated literally?

    2008-11-22 20:28:50 補充:

    Anyway, just curious! I always like to validate the source and to get enough evidence before I am convinced that the counter-argument is accurate. I will check with my husband too since he has friends working for automobile magazine. H9s friends may be able to provide some insight.

    2008-11-22 20:29:27 補充:

    I am glad that you point this out. I will do more investigation into this. By the way, my experience is only through the years of English I speak and I am not always right.

    2008-11-23 05:54:22 補充:

    Okay, I checked with my husband who is a transportation engineer. He indicated that maybe there is state regulation around the safety device that the airbag needs to be able to inflate in literally one-tenth of a second. Anyway, I checked the web about that and this is what I found.

    2008-11-23 05:56:33 補充:

    From Honda's automobile owner's manual - page 33. see

    Although both airbags normally inflate within a split second of each other, it is possible for only one airbag to deploy.

    2008-11-23 06:37:28 補充:


    => A typical airbag for front crash protection starts to inflate within about 20 milliseconds of the start of the crash and is fully inflated some 45 milliseconds later.

    2008-11-23 06:41:11 補充:


    => As with a standard airbag, it would inflate in less than a tenth of a second by the equivalent of a solid rocket booster.

    2008-11-23 06:46:25 補充:

    Even though Honda's Auto Owner manual uses the phrase "within a split second". Other references do indicate the significance of the time. Every second counts especially for a safety device.

    Thanks to 朱哥 for sharing your opinion.

    2008-12-09 12:00:15 補充:

    Hey, 朱哥

    Good catch. My oversight. Thanks for pointing out. I have to read more closely as I reference something. You are pretty good at catching my mistake. I do hope that I don't have too many of this type of errors as you look through each of my answers. :)

    2008-12-09 14:18:46 補充:

    Hi, 朱哥

    By the way, here are the links to a couple of interesting Chinese translation that you might be interested in and have no trouble pointing out their errors. Hope to see your comments. Keep up the good work while I take some breather! :)

    2008-12-09 14:19:27 補充:

    2008-12-09 14:19:41 補充:

    I thought that I throw in an English translation, just for fun.

    2008-12-09 16:00:39 補充:

    Hi, 朱哥

    I am fine with this one as you provided good reason and I have written a critique about this in case people was misled and did not see all the comments around this.

    2008-12-09 16:01:12 補充:

    As for the other one, I do feel that I have provided good explanations on my comments to correct where I was previoulsy wrong. It seemed redundant and strange to state that I was wrong after all my explanations on the corrections and reiterate what I have already stated.

    2008-12-09 16:02:53 補充:

    I don't know how you would feel if you found out an error and you corrected it later, but someone came in and said that you were wrong with all these corrections and his statement on what was actually accurate was what you have already stated in your correction.

    2008-12-09 16:03:56 補充:

    There was however a point that you did not agree with me. However, I still have doubt on whether my translation was off on that, so I need to talk to more people around that. Hope that you don't mind my persistence or stubbornness.

    2008-12-10 12:00:29 補充:

    Yes, I agree with you. That is one of a flaw with Yahoo and has been discussed by several people. Hopefully the rules can be changed and allow people to add on to the answers, so there will always be a better answer.

    參考資料: Myself. Went abroad at age 11. With 32 years experience speaking and writing English. Tutored English as an Undergrad. A project manager in the US since 1992.
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  • 1 0 年前

    The best answer is dead wrong. You need to look at the context. It is describing the specification of an air bag, and it literally means "one tenth of a second". It is not the same as "a split second", which is just a common phrase with no mathematical significance.

    2008-11-22 07:11:04 補充:

    Being Americans doesn't mean their understanding of English is perfect. An airbag typically inflates in 0.05 seconds, and can be slowed down (de-powered) to 0.1 seconds if child presence is detected. That's why car engineers prefer this particular phrase.

    2008-12-09 06:00:48 補充:

    My point has always been that translation must take context into account.

    The Honda case is emphasizing that one of the dual air bags may not deploy,

    even though they normally deploy within a split second OF EACH OTHER.

    It is not describing how long it takes for one airbag to deploy.


    2008-12-09 15:09:16 補充:

    I did not mean to pick on anyone, nor did I go through anyone's list of answers

    with a malicious intention. I know I may be overly critical, and I make mistakes

    myself, too. Please take no offense. Thanks.

    2008-12-10 06:46:14 補充:

    The problem is that once a best answer is determined, it becomes the only thing people read, unless they click on "other answers" or "opinions".

    The lesson for me is – read all opinions before posting one.

    The lesson for Yahoo is – allow people to correct their own best answers.

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  • 1 0 年前

    是在十分之ㄧ秒內的意思= in one tenth of a second

    原文翻譯:Airbag(在這裡應該是指某種降落機制的氣囊, 例如降落


    地面以加速度掉落時, 它將會在十分之ㄧ秒內充氣.

    參考資料: 自己
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  • 1 0 年前

    n a tenth of a second

    1/10 秒

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  • Jason
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    1 0 年前

    請問什麼是 in a tenth of a second?


    2008-11-19 02:24:31 補充:


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