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英文翻譯達人請幫忙!!! 我超急的>_<” (20點)!







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    The story happened in Verona, discribed a tragedy of two lovers came from two family that had a long-standing vendetta─Romeo and Juliet.

    They fell in love with each other by fisrt sight then knew the identity of each other. In order to free from the lock of family, Juliet took a special poison which leads to suspended animation. However, Romeo misunderstood Juliet was really dead, and he was desperate. After that, he killed himself by drinking the toxic.

    At last, the effect of the special poison disappeared. Juliet found that the corpse of Romeo was by her side, and then she also felt desperate and killed herself by a dagger.




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    They fell in love with each other by fisrt sight 後面補 in a ball

    參考資料: 英文系大三生, 自己
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  • 故事發生在義大利的維羅納城,描述兩個分處於敵對家族的戀人-----羅密歐與茱麗葉-----之間的淒美愛情悲劇.



    The story takes place in the Italian city of Verona, the description of the two sub-clan hostilities in love ----- ----- Romeo and Juliet romance between the beautiful tragedy.

    They love at first sight behind the ball to know the identity of the other side, the family fled to Juliet blockade suspended animation taking poison, Romeo Juliet think about after the death of heartache, also next to Juliet commit suicide by taking poison.

    Finally, Romeo Juliet wake up after the corpse was found, then love can not be induced to commit suicide with a knife.

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    The story occurs in Italy's Verona city, describes two branches in the hostile family's lover-----Romeo and Juliet-----Between chilly beautiful love tragedy. Rear area two people fall in love at first sight in the dance party know opposite party identity, Juliet to flee the family blockade to take poison to play dead, after Romeo is mistaken grievedly Juliet passed away, also in the Juliet one's side takes poison to commit suicide. After finally Juliet awakes, discovers the Romeo corpse, also induced does not have may love subsequently uses the dagger to commit suicide.

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