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Fragmentation of Public Discourse

Globalization is producing more diversity and new forms of difference. The raw material of intellectual production is the hopes and struggles for survival of communities and peoples around the world. The disenchantment of the world leads to a search for new forms of experience and identification, often located around issues of identity within everyday life. The increasing information inequality is an aspect of general social cultural differentiation in society. Current media continue a trend towards greater homogenization in one way and greater fragmentation in another: individuals experience more diversity ad choice. What binds people in contemporary public sphere is not a fixed number of common situations, but is an extremely diversified complex of overlapping similarities and differences. Mass culture is eroding and a huge increase of cultural diversity is taking place. Increasing cultural diversity and opportunities for individual choices, are rated positively because they are considered to be aspects of modernization and increasing individual freedom. Societies are fragmenting and becoming merged into the maelstrom of the global post-modern. Nations have become unbound as migrant Diasporas refuse permanent assimilation, preferring to develop transnational networks and as global social movements embed national citizens. Everyone seems to be propelled into a life of perpetual mobility. Through these disjointed yet powerfully evocative landscapes, people carry their different imagined worlds into criss-crossing patterns of meaning and social exchange spanning cultures and nations. The transnational personal encounters are increasing rapidly and contribute strongly to the pluralization of life worlds and the greater opportunities for cultural hybridity.


We are increasingly prepared to value diversity and the right of every culture to occupy a space in the world and to share in the common human endeavour. All people face multiple social groupings in their daily lives.

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The dynamics of social life come when competing boundaries, demanding different practices and mental images. These conflicting boundaries are asking people to assign very different sorts of meaning to the world, events and people that they encounter.

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It is flawed by the failure to take into account its incoherence and oppositions between state uniformity and local diversity.

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This causes to neglect the diversity and complexity of the articulation between state formation and the crystallization of local communities and to misunderstand the concomitant processes of globalization.

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The open, fluid, and full of social and economic opportunities is the increasing ability to straddle divergent positions. The radical shifts in distribution of assents results in re-ranking relative income positions and social status for many social and professional groups.

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The rise in inequality in transitional societies has led to greater social polarization which is understood as widening distance between upper and lower levels within the social structure.

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The civil society is highly fragmented and policy making takes place within a variety of policy networks characterized by more or less close relations between different interests and different sections of government.

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A number of people differ with regard to their life-chances from other groups in the society. People are situated quite differently as the actively fashion their identities. The extended availability of symbolic forms in space and time has facilitated new sorts of interaction in modern society.

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People are concerned to trace the impact of economic dynamics on the range and diversity of public cultural expression and its availability to different social groups.

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The complex widespread pattern of rising inequality and social exclusion around the world lends to that segments of societies. There are a growing number of people who experience economic insecurity and social excluded.

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  • 全球化雖然讓大家都有機會發聲,也有更多的交流機會,但是卻也創造出更多不同的身分認同和族群的特殊性等等。

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