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各位安安..有個 中翻英 的問題,想請教各位大大...


現在有個 中翻英 的問題,想請教各位大大...

請諸位英文能力不錯的大大,幫個忙好嗎 ??


八卦獅鎮 劉佳玲敬塑


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  • 壽司
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    1 0 年前

    Liu Jialing town of Bagua Lion King plastic "Lion" is the auspiciousanimal during the Tang Dynasty; with authority, wealth, power, goodfortune, to levy of evil. Cited in the town house of good fortune, thedoor may be linked to good fortune fierce drive, put Jhainei can offerlife, a very bright future 'table, and Deng-Ke'. I make this with SevenStar sword, strengthen the power of magic, the town house withoutinjuries, and still received good neighbor effect. Lion's Head tableRuiqi, a symbol of Ruiqi in quick succession, the homophonic"Secretary" and "division." Hidden "Guanyunhengtong, Gaoguanhoulu allgenerations."

  • 1 0 年前

    Eight Diagrams lion town Liu Jia the Ling respect models “the lion” is the glorious age of Tang poetry time the propitious beast; Has the dignity, the wealth, the authority, propitiously, to go to evil drafting. Directs to protect the house from demons avoids evil influences it with, to hang in the lintel may drive to avoid evil influences ominously, puts in the dwelling, to be possible to offer long-lived, the table 'the future bright, to succeed in the imperial civil service examination system and'. This makes the mouth including the Big Dipper treasured sword, has the strengthened invincible might supernatural power, protects the house from demons does not offend somebody, and can receive sincere kisses effect of the good-neighborly. The lion's head table good luck, the symbolic good luck is in front of the goal, its harmonics “department” and “teacher”. Hidden “has a very successful official career, the generation all high office and high pay”.

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