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many thanks for janusama's answer. It would certainly be of greater help if someone could make it in Chinese.

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    > 產品介紹常有「價格功能比」,英文是怎麼寫的,有縮寫嗎?

    英文是「Price/Performance Ratio」或「Price/Performance」,沒有縮寫

    「In economics and engineering, the price/performance ratio refers to a product's ability to deliver performance, of any sort, for its price. For instance, if you have a whole day to travel 100 km, spending $50 to do the journey in two hours is a better price/performance ratio than spending $105 to do the journey in one hour.

    Price/performance is often written as price-performance. Even though this term would seem to be a straightforward ratio, when price performance is improved, better, or increased, it actually refers to the performance divided by the price, in other words exactly the opposite ratio to rank a product as having an increased Price/performance. To avoid such confusion, the word ratio is often dropped or the dash used instead. Technical and news publications are often sloppy in their coverage of changes in these matters.

    The term tends to be used quite a bit when comparing computer hardware. During the latter 1990s, the price/performance ratios of midrange and large mainframe systems fell tremendously in comparison to a number of smaller microcomputers handling the same load. Many companies were forced out of the industry as this happened, including DEC, Data General and many multiprocessor vendors such as Sequent Computer Systems and Pyramid Technology.」


    Aeneon DDR2-533記憶體:價格功能比最好的記憶體產品,review-1080-19.htm...

    Aeneon DDR2-533: Unbeatable Price/Performance

    > 有固定公式嗎?是一個抽象概念,還是有具體可以依據的判斷標準?





    公式的話,Price/Performance 的數値,是價格越小功能越大,Price/Performance値越低越好


    2008-11-26 09:17:49 補充:


    性價比 - 維基百科,自由的百科全書


    Price/Performance Ratio vs 性能價格比

    另一個類似字眼是 C/P值﹐在電腦/家電雜誌也許會常見到

    參考資料: Wiki + Tomshardware
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