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除了英文歌詞我還想要英翻中的歌詞 謝謝^^

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    They say she off the meter 他們說她已經正到破表

    From the track to the beat 從音軌到節奏

    Oh yeah I'm vicious 我是墮落的

    So delicious 如此的美味

    All the boys want to eat 所有的男孩都想吃

    Go ahead and hate me baby 先走,然後恨我吧寶貝

    Sa sa salty but sweet 很**卻很甜美

    I spin the bottle till tomorrow 我玩轉瓶選擇接吻對象遊戲到明天

    There ain't no memory 已經失憶了

    @Bring it up, burn it down 提到它,燒掉它

    Throw it back, another round 丟回來,另一回合

    Hey, I think I'm losin' control(uh, uh, uh) 嘿,我想我已經失控

    #Take it high, bring it low 進入高潮,戴上它

    Are your ready, here we go(hey) 你準備好了嗎?我們開始吧

    'Cause even if the cops is coming 因為甚至警察來了

    I ain't gonna stop 我都不會停

    *Let's do some stupid shit (yeah) 咱們作些傻事吧

    Let's get messy messy with it 咱們跟著混亂吧

    Do Some stupid shit (yeah) 作些傻事吧

    I know we're not supposed to 我知道我們不應該

    But the hell with it (yeah) 但管它的

    Let's get dirty dirty baby 咱們猥褻吧

    Are you down with it? (yeah)你放開了嗎?

    Well then let's go do some stupid shit 那麼咱們作些傻事吧

    &Tell me are you ready baby? 告訴我寶貝你準備好了嗎?

    Are you ready now? 你準備好了嗎?

    I'll be your after party 在派對之後我將是你的

    are you rocking with me 你在和我一起搖滾嗎?

    I'll keep it hush hush 我會保持低調

    While I does my thing on the d 當我那東西在那話兒上

    You wan tell everybody 你想告訴每個人

    Baby girl she with me 寶貝女孩她和我在一起

    But I ain't even tripping pimping 但我甚至沒有反常

    I'm just doing my thing 我只是作我的事

    Repeat @#*&&

    $Giddy up, get down with it 暈眩,一起來吧

    Get get down, get get down, get get down

    Repeat $$

    Giddy up, this whats up, cause this a hit,


    Let's go do some stupid shit 咱們作些傻事吧

    Repeat *

    Do some stupid shit (yeah) 作些傻事吧

    Let's do some stupid shit (yeah) 咱們作些傻事吧

    Come on, come on, come on 來吧

    The hell with it (yeah,yeah,yeahhh) 管它的

    Nic Nat Tiff Chrys

    Let's go do some stupid shit 咱們作些傻事吧

    Repeat &

    Holla! 喂!

    Repeat &

    Holla! 喂!

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