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關於台塑 , 請幫我翻譯成英文






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    Limited to government is it control to make the investment to continent, is it make the transition competitiveness of improving to upgrade actively For example every traditional processing products, has already lost the business operation conditions gradually in Taiwan, we transfer it to mainland production successively, use life of extending, turn on pieces of scattered leaf in continent every area, seek to expand his business scale. Enterprise noumenonn of Taiwan, devoted to research and development of strengthening, is it make the transition to seek actively, accord with environmental protection trend for orientation of developing with new use, new material, special specification, raise the surtax value of product, so as to avoid the low price competition pressure of the general specification products, thus can Shu solve the predicament dealt in, obtain and manage profits rationally, open the future prospect managed continuously forever for enterprises.

    2008-11-30 15:41:32 補充:

    obtain and manage profits rationally, open the future prospect managed continuously forever for enterprises. Is it pursue to good, establish the long-term development foundation to manage steadily and surely Develop so far

    2008-11-30 15:42:22 補充:

    and mostly possess the considerable scale. Business scale and benefit of several industries among them, Huang step aside more also than each international big factory, lead to some extent. In a word, all Taiwan moulds the industry field that enterprises step the foot, having roughly

    2008-11-30 15:42:35 補充:

    accomplished the world-class level, but we do not guide for being complacent, and is reminding oneself constantly, must seek lasting innovation and improve constantly, enterprises can just maintain long and long, and grow with each passing hour. Look forward to the coming year, Taiwan moulds

    2008-11-30 15:43:04 補充:

    enterprises except finish six light enlargement in progress and produce the project of the bottleneck as quickly as possible,

    2008-11-30 15:43:12 補充:

    be also devoted to improving the surtax value of the products continuously by getting and expand the production scale, lower costs further, and observe the trends of domestic and international industry

    2008-11-30 15:43:26 補充:

    development closely, strengthen the overall arrangement of the internationalized and many angle in good time. And a basic one, in one one year diligently on the rationalized experience and foundation set up to make

    2008-11-30 15:43:32 補充:

    great efforts, in the future it still must continue it seek not deepenning and not refining constant one,not getting getting more more possible because should world change situation, guarantee the long-term of enterprises is developed steadily

    2008-11-30 15:46:40 補充:

    因為內容超過字數限制 所以分成 8 份

    我請我爸幫我翻譯的 他從小在美國加州長大 讀完大學才回台灣

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    1 0 年前

    你只要台塑的英文喔 !! 那你上台塑@網站看 一定會有台塑的英文!!~~

    參考資料: ME
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  • 1 0 年前

    ‧ limited to the government to the mainland investment control, promotes reforming to enhance the competitive power positively For example each tradition's fabricated product, already gradually lost the operating condition in Taiwan, we namely will transfer to the mainland production one after another, so as to the extension vitality, will then open in mainland various areas to disperse the leaf, will seek expands its management scale.

    2008-11-30 15:37:35 補充:

    Taiwan's enterprise main body, then devotes to the strengthened research and development work,

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