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    Democratic Progressive Party chokes Chen Yunlin, holds the slogan to shout that the slogan sends the balloon, some crowd of taxi driver, around the Legislative Yuan according to loudspeaker protest.   The accident loudspeaker sound, resounds through the street corner, nearly hundred insert the full flag's taxi, the cybotaxis Legislative Yuan, shouts the slogan, calls according to the loudspeaker, must express to Yunlin is discontented. The motorcade builds up in the Legislative Yuan, after detouring Legislative Yuan two, then leaves for the Yuanshan Hotel, must arrive at the hotel which Chen Yunlin stays to choke the sound. Opposes Chen Yunlin to come to Taiwan, Tailiandang also gathers at the Legislative Yuan entrance, requests Chen Yunlin to apologize loud to the Taiwan people. Holds the slogan to protest that ties up the yellow ribbon also not 夠, but also prepared one to hang the Chen Yunlin picture gasification baby, let everybody take the club to hit in turn. The Taibei station also has the green camp public figure to emit sound, a crowd of Taiwan's society member, everywhere transmits is liking Taiwan's decadent balloon protest.   Chen Yunlin comes to Taiwan for five days, the green camp plans a succession of protest, continually three late sitting in meditation, but must tie up the yellow ribbon symbol besieged city, Democratic Progressive Party also needs to summon 250 people, the composition protects the Taiwan group, prepares to flutter spatially the balloon, chokes the sound to Chen Yunlin, Taiwan society planned that takes 1200 eggs, the egg washes Chen Yunlin, as soon as but the Taiwan Solidarity Union Political organization also wants to link four days loudly to sing the anti-communism song in the Legislative Yuan, these many protest actions, are must express the disaffection which comes to Taiwan to Chen Yunlin, with opposes China's political stand.

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    Democratic Progressive Party Qiang Chen Yunlin, raise slogan to shout slogan to deliver balloon, more have a group of taxi drivers, round Legislative Yuan to press the speaker protest.

    The speaker of misfortune is orotund, resound through street, about 100 taxis that insert full flag, the flock gathers Legislative Yuan and shouts slogan and blares to press the speaker and wants to be dissatisfied toward expression in Yunlin.The car team gathers in Legislative Yuan, after rounding to go 2 turns in Legislative Yuan, immediately after leave for a mountain hotel again, stay to Chen Yunlin of hotel to growl.Oppose Chen Yunlin2 comes to Taiwan, the set unites a party to also come together in the doorway of Legislative Yuan and loudly requests Chen Yunlin to apologize to Taiwanese people.Raise a slogan protest, binding Huang the silk ribbon is also still not enough, prepared a Chong that hangs the photograph of Chen Yunlin to annoy a doll, make the mallet son by turn beaten.Station in Taipei also has a green camp personage to come to give out sound, the member of a group of Taiwanese clubs, send out the yellow balloon protest of love Taiwan everywhere.

    Chen Yunlin comes to Taiwan five days, the green camp plans a series of protests, a connect sitting in silence of three nights, also need to tie up yellow silk ribbon symbol to round city, the Democratic Progressive Party also wants to call for 250 people and constitutes to protect a group and prepares to get empty to float balloon and growls toward Chen Yunlin, the Taiwanese club even intends to take 1,200 eggs, the egg washes Chen Yunlin, and set allied the party regiment also wants a connect four days are in Legislative Yuan greatly sing anti-communist song, so much protest against an action, is must express the disaffection which comes to Taiwan to Chen Yunlin , and the political position of objection China.

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