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alex 請盡快到 F倉庫,確認貨櫃的狀況,




千萬注意不同的PART NO.不可以混在一起

請注意貼紙有LOT NO.請確實告知那幾個PLT NO.需更換紙箱


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  • 1 0 年前

    Alex go to F warehouse as soon as possible, confirm the condition of container, please,

    The reply has how much cardboard box damage, I will as soon as possible cardboard box and sticker

    Send by DHL to the warehouse to change the outside box of damage

    Please a little bit really pure plank in the inn of cardboard box and damage broken,

    Must notice different PART NO.Can't mix together

    Please watch for sticker to have LOT the NO.Please really tell that a few PLT NOs.Need to change a cardboard box



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  • 1 0 年前

    Alex 請盡快到 F倉庫, 確認貨櫃的狀況, Alex, Please check the trailer in the warehouse F

    回覆有多少紙箱損壞, Let me know how many boxes (cases) were damaged

    我將盡快將紙箱及貼紙以DHL的方式寄到倉庫,以更換損壞的外箱 in order to send you the exact quantity boxes and stickers by DHL for replacement

    請確實清點破裂的紙箱及損壞的棧板, Please double check the damaged boxes and pallets

    千萬注意不同的PART NO.不可以混在一起 separate and mark clearly with different Part numbers.

    請注意貼紙有LOT NO.請確實告知那幾個PLT NO.需更換紙箱There is Lot No. On the sticker with each box, please also inform me the PLT number in order to confirm the replacement.

    謝謝! Thank you.

    2008-12-03 15:13:17 補充:


    早習慣啦 ! 你還沒提那評價正面的團體呢. 要玩就要甘願啊. That's why I did not come back here for quiet a while. 息怒, 保重身子吧.

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  • 1 0 年前

    Alex please get to warehouse F to check the condition of container ASAP. Please report back that how many cartons were damaged. I willsend the cartons and stickers needed for damaged carton replacementto the warehouse by DHL. Please check the damaged carton and pallet number thoroughly, and mind that different part no. can not mix together. Attention that LOT No. on the stickers. Please also exactly specify that which PLT NO. requiring carton replacement.

    參考資料: 自己
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  • 1 0 年前

    Alex as soon as possible to F warehouse, to confirm the status of the container,

    Reply to the number of damaged carton, cardboard boxes, I will as soon as possible and stickers

    DHL to be sent to storage the way for the replacement of damaged outside the box

    Please do an inventory of broken cartons and pallets of damage,

    Attention to the tens of millions of different PART NO. Can not be mixed

    Please note that there are stickers LOT NO. Please confirm that several PLT NO. Cartons to be replaced


    參考資料: google翻譯
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