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由於佛羅里達州鄰近南美州許多國家,來自南美的移民使這裡充滿了迷人又浪漫的拉丁氣氛,尤其是夜晚的邁阿密﹝Miami﹞南灘,俊男美女、拉丁音樂、狂放舞步交集成一片,使此地的夜生活多采多姿。緊鄰邁阿密的羅德岱堡﹝Fort Lauderdale﹞是美國著名的水鄉,城里的水道交錯縱橫,水傍豪宅林立,引致許多游客流連望返,羅德岱堡不愧為“美國的威尼斯水鄉”之名。位於羅德岱堡北面的棕櫚灘﹝Palm Beach﹞是喜愛高爾夫球運動人士的天堂,在這裡使用高爾夫球場的收費十分廉宜,好此道的朋友不可錯過了。

  同時佛羅里達州是世上知名的主題公園的天堂,最著名的不外乎就是全世界大的華德迪士尼樂園(Walt Disney World Resort),整園區有四個不同的主題樂園及三個水上樂園。距離迪士尼不遠處另有環球影城(Universal Studios),海洋世界(Sea World)等。玩膩了驚險刺激的雲霄飛車,也有許多大大小的Shopping Mall,其中以Florida Mall最有名,據說它是全美最大的購物廣場。






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    Florida is located in the south-east of the continental United States, with sufficient sunlight, warm weather, the wind Piaodang of palm trees and the vast number of well-known beach in Florida is a beautiful and has a diverse character of the holy holiday. Its special geographical location constitute a long coastline, beaches and sun has attracted numerous from all over the world tourists and investors, the governor of Florida in the warm climate make it even more retirement paradise for those who are.

    As the neighboring South American state of Florida in many countries, immigrants from South America to make here is full of charming and romantic atmosphere of Latin, especially at night ﹝ Miami ﹞ Miami's South Beach, all drowned in beauty, Latin music, dance wilder pay an integrated, so that here Colorful night life. Miami, Fort Lauderdale next to the ﹝ Fort Lauderdale ﹞ the United States is well-known water, the city's waterways staggered vertical and horizontal, and luxury buildings near the water, leading to many tourists wandering back to look, Fort Lauderdale deserves to be the "Venice of the United States water" in the name. Fort Lauderdale is located north of Palm Beach ﹝ Palm Beach ﹞ who is the favorite sport of golf paradise, where the use of the golf course's fees are very cheap and good friend of the Road can not be missed.

    At the same time, Florida is the world-famous theme park paradise, the most famous is nothing more than the world's largest Ward Disneyland (Walt Disney World Resort), the entire park has four different theme parks and three water parks . Disney and another not far away from Universal Studios (Universal Studios), Sea World (Sea World), and so on. Wanni thrills of a roller coaster, there are many large-sized Shopping Mall, one of the most well-known to Florida Mall, which is said to be the nation's largest shopping plaza.

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    Florida, there are many clubs, night clubs, golf courses, museums, snorkeling shore, the dog market and the family theme park.

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    Florida's best-known city of Miami is a small number of people living in Cuba Havana district. Miami there are many big stars and artists living in this fashion.

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    So if you really want to travel here, the best arrangements for more than a week, scheduled a different trip, bring the fun.

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