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A bank manager is interviewing a 4th -year university student for a

bank cashier job . (Act out the job interview)

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    Student: A

    Bank Manager: B

    A: Good Morning(Afternoon)

    B: Good Morning, how are you today?

    A: I am good , thank you, how about yourself?

    B: Fine, thanks. So you are here for the vacancy of bank cashier?

    A: Yes, sir.

    B: You are still a student right? So, could you please tell me something about your shool.

    A: I study in XXXX university and my major is accounting. This is the 4th year. I will graduate next year.

    B: That is ok. So do you have any relevant working experience?

    A: Yes, I do. I work as a cashier in 7-11 for part-time job. Therefore, I think that I have good sense for numbers.

    B: Sounds great, but you should know that it will be different working in bank and 7-11. So what makes you think that you will be capable of this vacancy?

    A: Sure I know working is the bank will be different from working in 7-11. However, both jobs need detail-oriented mind. Any mistake will be the loss of the company, regardless of the amount. Besides, working in 7-11 also gives me experience in interacting with people from different walk of life and I suppose this will be a advantage for serving customers for our bank.

    B: I got your point. So do you know the exchange rate of US$ and Taiwan$ today?

    A: Last time I checked is around 33nt$ to 1 us$.

    B: That is close, it is now about nt$33.5. You need to know that accurate is very important for working in bank too.

    A: Yes, sir, I will improve myself and also I learn things quickly. There is no problem to keep myself updated with all the latest economy trend.

    A: Could you please tell me something about your family?

    B: There are 4 people in my family. My parents are both teachers. My little sister is still in school.

    A: You live with your family now?

    B: Yes, I do.

    A: What do you think about working over time? Will that be a problem for you?

    B: I hope I can keep a balance between work and personal life. However, it will not be a problem to go extra mile for our company if necessary.

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    A: Good, so what do you do when you are free?

    B: I like reading, swimming, going out with my friends and learning new things as well.

    A: You sound very active. So do you have any plan for advanced study?

    B: Thanks, I am planning to get an accountant license and also get a management degree afterward.

    2008-12-06 00:08:22 補充:

    A: That is good. So do you any question want to ask about this company?

    B: I would like to know if the company provide any course for employees?

    2008-12-06 00:08:43 補充:

    A: We do not have any official course set up for employees. However, there will be many things for you to learn in different department as long as you are interested.

    B: Ok, also is there any chance of working overseas?

    2008-12-06 00:09:22 補充:

    A: There is, but, it is not likely for the vacancy you are applying for. However, there is always chance of promotion according to your performance.

    B: Sure, this is the way should be.

    2008-12-06 00:09:38 補充:

    A: Ok, I think it is enough for now. Our human resources will contact you within 3 days for the result, ok?

    B: Ok, thanks for granting me the chance for this interview. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    2008-12-06 00:09:59 補充:

    A: You are welcome. This should not be a problem. We will talk again soon.

    B: Great, have a nice day.

    A: you too.

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