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    Shimen reservoir catchment area when typhoon rainy season , the disaster situation keeps pouring in, in the catchment area common earth Shi Beng and the earth stone disaster occurs, creates the local resident life and property to be threaten, affects the Shimen reservoir indirectly the storage capacity and the water quality.However, the disaster occurrence, besides the climatic conditions and the natural environment factor, artificial works as the land utilization, also is creates the disaster the important attribute.Therefore, the land utilization investigation helps in to in the Shimen reservoir catchment area life and the production use, land development present situation has the all-around understanding, and delimits supposes in the catchment area the life and the production space, by took foundation of the following land use analysis self-criticism, the time can achieve goal of the land suitable use.

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    抱歉阿 忘了分隔

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    Collecting water district when the typhoon comes in rainy season in the crossdrift reservoir, the disaster keeps pouring in, often soil stone avalanche and soil and stone the calamity flows to take place in water district to collect , cause local's lives and properties to be threatened, influence the capacity of reservoir of the crossdrift reservoir and water quality indirectly. However, the emergence of the calamity , besides climatic conditions and natural environmental factor, people utilize for the improper land, it is also the important factor causing the calamity . So land is it is it help on collect to crossdrift reservoir life and production use , land development present situation , water of district there is overall understanding to investigate to utilize, and draw and set up and collect the life and production space in water district, in order to analyse the foundation of making a self-criticism as follow-up land utilization, one can achieve the proper purpose that utilizes of land .

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    that is a very poor translation... wrong phases and gammar all the way.

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    Disasters strike Shek moon reservoir area duirng typhoon season. This commonly causes landslide, which not only poses serious threats to the possessions and lives of the locals, also have serious effects on quality of water provided by the reservoirs. Many factors come play which contribute to the cause of such disaster. Apart from natural causes such as wheather and climate, man made causes such as inappropriate land use also contribute.

    Sorry... ran out of time... will translate the next part after I get back...

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