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麻煩大家幫我英翻中喔 有關nephew的!

麻煩大家幫我翻一下囉(勿用翻譯軟體喔)p.s. 2008年 11月16日用英語的話我要怎麼唸呢?

2008年 11月16日,這一天對我和家人來說是非常重要的日子,因為我哥的兒子在這一天來到這世界上了,我們都非常高與,特別是我哥哥,因為這是他第一次當上了爸爸,而這也是我第一次當上了叔叔。




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    It was November sixteenth, 2008, which was a very important day to my family and I, when my brother’s son was born. We were all happy for this, especially my brother, for it’s his first time being a father, and my first time being an uncle as well.

    I can’t find a word to describe how I feel; however, I think I’ve got the responsibility to take great care of the little boy so that he can grow up happily in this family. Though he is not my son, but he is my nephew.

    The little boy is our baby. I think our lives will be very different because of him.

    Finally, I hope that my nephew will be as handsome as I in the future.

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    November 16th, 2008, a very special and important day for my whole family and I, because my older brother's son has came to this world on that day. We are in extreme joys, especially my older brother, he has finally become a father, and as for me, I have become an uncle.

    I don't know how to describe my current feeling of becoming someone's uncle(or having a nephew). Although he is not my son, but I still feel the responsibility to protest this little boy, and have the best environment for him to have the best childhood memory and grow up happily.

    This little boy is our baby, I think our life have changed because him.

    Lastly, I hope my nephew will grow up to be as good looking as me. (or you can use handsome)

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