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今年12月開始OCA要加考10g SQL EXPERT,


10g SQL EXPERT是考什麼?


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    Oracle 10g Certified Database Associate 甲骨文數據庫管理專家OCA證書課程

    課程內容 :

    1Z0-042: Oracle Database 10g Administration

    Chapter 1

    Introducing Oracle, briefly describes the range of Oracle products and provides some history of Oracle and relational databases.

    Chapter 2

    Oracle Architecture, describes the core concepts and structures (e.g., files, processes, and so on) that are the architectural basis of Oracle8.

    Chapter 3

    Installing and Running Oracle, briefly describes how to install Oracle and how to configure, start up, and shut down the database. It also covers a variety of networking issues.

    Chapter 4

    Data Structures, summarizes the various datatypes supported by Oracle and introduces the Oracle objects (e.g., tables, views, indexes). It also provides information about query optimization.

    Chapter 5

    Managing Oracle, provides an overview of issues involved in managing an Oracle system, including security, using the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) product, and dealing with database fragmentation and reorganization issues.

    Chapter 6

    Oracle Performance, describes the main issues relevant to Oracle performance especially the major performance characteristics of disk, memory, and CPU tuning and pays special attention to parallelism in Oracle.

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