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What I can do for Santa?英文作文今天

What I can do for Santa?英文作文What I can do for Santa?英文作文What I can do for Santa?英文作文

What I can do for Santa?英文作文What I can do for SanWhat I can do for Santa?英文作文ta?英文作文


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    Christmas is a special holiday in a year. People get exciting when time comes close to it. Greetings to teachers, classmates, friends who didn’t see each other for long time,...are bidden here and there, when it is December. We all have so many special persons to send out our best wishes to them on this special day. In regard with Christmas, Santa Claus is first one whenever we think about it. I suppose he’s the busiest man in the world. An ordinary man like me, what can I do for Santa?

    Santa offers sweet dreams and loves to most people in the world, not matter he believes if actually there’s Santa on earth, or not. Whatever a person could possibly be or not, with these sweet dreams and loves, the one could move on faithfully. When I figure it out, I know exactly what I could do for Santa.

    I will pay more attention to people around me, and this is the part most people will ignore. Perhaps it will be a good start with a warm hello, which is easy and simple. Warm regards are what people need badly in our society nowadays. If I could let everyone feel of loves, I think it is great help to the Santa Claus then.

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