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一、理解式教學能有效提升學生外在的數學能力。在察覺(reception)能力的表現上雖無法到達在生活中主動察覺的目標,但在數學課的互動情境中是沒有問題的;轉化(transformation)、解題(problem salving)和評析(evaluation)能力則表現得很理想;溝通(communication)能力中,發表能力是沒問題的,但質疑過程中專注聆聽的表現則較不理想。




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    一 The comprehension type teaching can effectively promote a student outside mathematics ability.BE realizing(reception) although the top of the performance of ability can't arrives the target that realizes on one's owns initiative in the life,have no problem in the interactive scenario of mathematics lesson;The conversion(transformation), solution and critique(evaluation) ability then express very ideal;Communicate(communication) ability in, announcing the ability is all right, but query to devote one's mind the performance for listenning to then compare disregard to think in the process.

    二, The comprehension type teaching can effectively promote a student inside positive mathematics learn a feeling.After the student can control discussion technique and promote mathematics learning achievement, the student is in the self-confidence on the learning, satisfaction and all have to obviously promote to the favour of mathematics.

    三, Grade two establishment class' discussion's culture is viable in the elementary school.Want a systematic implement only, the discussion ability of the grade two student can develop in 1, 2 months.

    四, The process of discussion in must value to realize the comprehension of each student.In the process of discussion, can't neglect the learning chance of few parts of students, as long as you can notice all students individual learning need, take in to guide in the classroom and match with peers, parent and Anne again close class the teacher's help, the student can acquire obvious learning result.

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