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    This series is famous around the world, in the course of studies, find out that there are many royal fans to the Friends series, all the fasinations and information about this series actors and actresses can be sourced online, regardless the elationships, cultures and personalities of the actors and actresses,

    參考資料: 港商理財顧問, 在英國投資理財公司服務6年, MSN:areschiang@hotmail,com
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    The hit TV series "Friends" is very popular throughout many parts of the world. During the course of study, we found that there are many loyal fans in Taiwan as well. Many of the information, such as the character backgrounds and relationships, storyline and culture, can all be found online.

    參考資料: me
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    Serials of this film are red all over the whole world, in the course of studying , find that there are many six people competent faithful audience too in Taiwan, any personnel thing about the drama is understood very much, no matter their relation , individual character , culture, can search and guide to by oneself in the network .

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