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80's songs

Dear all,

I've been looking for these song so many years. Heard it during my teenage years and the melody is always playback in my mind !!

The first one is a sentimental love songs starting with finger clicks and chorus : So deep in Love, so deep in love ...... (During the year of Save my love, Up where we belong etc)

THe other is a fast song with female voacl : By the way you talk , by the way you walk is not the way I want it ....and chorus part is Fire and water, Fire and water ( During the year of Somany men , so little time, Gloria etc.)

Highly appreciated if you name them !!


Hi Rainman, Thanks 4 the response. This is a duet love song and in mid 80's. Appreciate your answer.

This below link is what I get from others, can somebody please provide the performers and title !!

Thank you !!

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    I am also very much into the oldies. I guess the first song you mentioned is, "So Much in Love." Don't know aobut the second one.

    As we stroll along together

    Holding hands, walking all alone

    So in love are we two

    That we dont know what to do

    So in love

    In a world of our own

    As we stroll by the sea together

    Under stars twinkling high above

    So in love are we two

    No one else but me and you

    So in love

    So much in love

    So in love

    So much in love

    We stroll along together

    I tell you I need you oh so much

    I love, love you my darling

    Can you tell it in my touch

    When we walk down the aisle together

    We will vow to be together til we die

    So much love have we two

    Just cant wait to say I do

    So in love

    Are you and i

    So in love

    Are you and i

    2008-12-15 07:55:07 補充:

    sorry that i can't be any help.

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