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這串英文字怎麼翻? part2

UMTS stands for Universal Mobile Telecommunications system. UMTS is one of the emerging mobile phone technologies known as third-generation 3G.

Third-generation systems are designed to include such traditional phone tasks as calls,

voice mail, and paging, but also new technology tasks such as Internet access, video, and SMS, or text messaging

One of the main benefits of UMTS is its speed.

Current rates of transfer for broadband information are 2 Mbits a second.

This speed makes possibe the kind of streamig video that can support movie downloads and video conferencing.

In a sense,

UMTS makes it poosible for you to enjoy all of the functionality of your home computer while you are roaming.

By combining wireless and satellite cellular technologies,

UMTS takes advantage fo all existing options to result in the Holy Grail fo 3G presentation:

seamless transions between WiFi and satellite.

UMTS went live as a network for the first time in Japen 2001.

Austria had its own network two years later.

A handful of other European countries joined the UMTS bandwagon in the next two years.

with South Africa and a few other African countries soon following suit.

The U.S. has employed UMTS networks in several large cities, and the number is steadily growing.

UMTS is based on the Global System for Mobile(GSM) standard,

which is the gold standard in Europe and more than 120 ccountries worldwide.

In fact, UMTS is sometimes referred to as 3GSM.

The two systems are not compatible, however.

UMTS is incompatible with GSM.

Some phones are dual GSM/UMTS phones, but unelss that exciting new mobile phone or handset that you can't wait to get your hands on has that kind of duality built in, you will only be able to uilize one mode,

the one that came withthe device

As UMTS gains in credbility and functionality,experts believe it will overtake GSM as the industry standard.

UMTS is already able to operate at a higher frequency than GSM.

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    UMTS 代表全世界的移動電傳視訊系統。 UMTS 是即是的初現手機技術之一第三第 3 代 G 的。


    聲音郵件和頁轉移,但是也新的技術工作,像是網際網路通路、影像和 SMS 、或本文訊息

    UMTS 的主要利益之一是它的速度。

    寬頻資料的移動的現在比率是 2 Mbits 秒。

    這速度製造 possibe 能支持電影下載和視訊會議的 streamig 影像的類型。


    UMTS 使它成為 poosible 讓你擁有你的家電腦的所有功能性當你是漫遊的時候。


    UMTS 採取利益 fo 所有的現有選擇造成聖杯 fo 3G 發表:

    WiFi 和人造衛星之間的天衣無縫的 transions。

    UMTS 在 Japen 2001 第一次變活了當做一個網路。


    一把其他歐洲的國家在未來的二年中參加了 UMTS 樂隊花車。


    美國已經在一些大的城市中使用 UMTS 網路,而且數字穩定成長。UMTS 為行動電話 (GSM)標準以全球的系統為基礎,

    哪一個在全世界的歐洲和超過 120 ccountries 是金色的標準。

    事實上, UMTS 被有時稱為 3GSM 。


    UMTS 是不相容的具有 GSM 。

    一些電話是雙重的 GSM/UMTS 電話,但是 unelss 令人興奮的新手機或者電話聽筒哪一你等不及要抓住那種二元性已經建造在,你將只能夠至 uilize 一個模態,

    來了 withthe 裝置的那一個因為 UMTS credbility 和功能性的上漲,專家相信,它將趕上 GSM 作為工業標準。

    UMTS 已經能夠超過 GSM 在一比較高的頻率操作。

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