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天使降臨 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


1. as bald as a billiard 2. as bitter as gall

3. as black as pitch dry as a bone bold as brass 6. as true as the dial to the sun brisk as a bee 8. as dead as a doornail busy as a hen with one chick like as chalk and cheese

11. as changeable as the weather clear as noonday / crystal close as a clam close as an oyster cold as charity / ice cool as a cacumber cross as a bear cunning as fox stupid as an ass sure as death / a gun different as chalk is from cheese dull as ditch water stubborn as a donkey drunk as a fiddler / a lord dry as dust easy as pie / winking/ rolling off a log far apart as the Poles light as a feather fleet as a deer fresh as a daisy fresh as paint gaudy as peacock greedy as a wolf hard as nails mad as a March hare helpness as a baby hard as iron jolly as a lark like as two peas meek as a lamb merry as a cricket hot as mudsummer dead as mutton near as one can guess neat as a new pin sharp as a needle numberless as the sand obstinate as a mule opposite as night and day flat as a pancake patient as Job patient as an ox

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  • 1 0 年前
    最佳解答 dry as a bone 乾透的 bold as brass級為無禮的8. as dead as a doornail不再流行10.似是而非11.善變的15.冷若冰霜16.冷靜地20.無法避免的21.同第10個23.異常倔強26.很容易46.非常聰明


    參考資料: 老師出的功課,找到的
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