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I have got a chest pain

As of late I've been having chest pains. Mostly before bed. This all

started Friday night. I got intense pains in my chest .okay, I admit

that I sometimes smoke before go to sleep. I smoked for a few years,

in fact, it did not happen the last week before.

Any idea of what this could be? There isn't anything the same in any

of the incidents besides Water. Now understand this isn't heart burn.

Nor feels like it. If you make a fist press it to were your chest is

located and press down rather hard. This along with cramping is the

pain that I'm feeling.

Any Ideas or suggestions are really appreciated!


but i do get chest pain... not really right on the chest.. a bit lower...


Yes, I can feel like that, and I am 34 year-old man as well

I might quit smoking as soon as I can, when I am getting older.

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Thank you mates for useful advice, reallt appreciate it,

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    I have no idea.. I am a smoker and sometimes i smoke before i go to bed. It never happen to me. Maybe you eat something bad so u feel chest pain.. Try take some panadol.. Otherwise, its better ask doctor for help.

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    do you smoke a lot? i can't be sure if i feel the same like you.. but i do get chest pain... not really right on the chest.. a bit lower... when i wake up in the morning or after sleep... i am 33 years old, and i've been like this since i turned to 30... and i've been smoking around 20 years (when i was 14)... my older cousin feels the same way too...

  • i think you need to go have your chest checked by a certified doctor.

    good luck!