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廣告要吸引人,首要關鍵是先產生獨特觀點。全聯廣告引人矚目之處就是它的獨特觀點,利用挖苦自己的缺點,打破消費者偏見。 譬如,全聯先生初登場在2006年「全聯豪華旗艦店」廣告,以綜藝節目霓虹燈開場,全聯先生用反諷語調介紹豪華旗艦店:沒有明顯招牌,沒有附設計停車場……最後竟帶出全聯「省下這些錢,給你更便宜的價格」主張。

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    The primary factor in making an attractive advertisement is to have the unique viewpoint.

    It's PXMART's unique viewpoint which make its advertising appealing. PXMART points out its drawback sarcastically to break consumers' bias. For example, Mr. PXMART was introduced in an advertising of "splendid PXMART shop" in 2006. The opening was with fancy neon sign and MR. PXMART introduced this splendid shop with the sense of irony - unnoticeable billboard and no parking lot etc., and then it led in the slogan, "we give you better price by saving all this money."

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    It's PXMART's unique viewpoint which makes its advertising appealing.


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    Kelly, good job!

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    The advertisement must be appealing, the most important key has the unique viewpoint first. The entire association advertisement conspicuous place is its unique viewpoint, the use taunts own shortcoming, breaks the consumer prejudice. For example, all unites gentleman initially to be taken to the threshing ground in 2006 “the entire association luxurious flagship shop” the advertisement, by the synthesis skill program neon light beginning, all unites gentleman with instead to satirize the intonation introduction luxurious flagship shop: Without the obvious advertisement, has not set up as an attachment counts the parking lot ......Finally carries over the entire association “to save these money unexpectedly, for you cheaper price” position.

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