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    Public Service is an enviable career, not only respected but also benefits, is the preferred choice of most of the graduates, which is also the focus of the most elite.

    Advantages can be divided into four areas:

    A stable and secure:

    Once the public service examination made in accordance with the law by appointing qualified both the appointment and removal, treatment, promotion or punishment, are subject to the laws of protection, contrary to the Act unless otherwise admitted as long as the public service, you never have to worry about the boss to see the face or laid off And unemployment.

    Second, paid annual salary:

    In general, public service than the average starting salary for private enterprises, individuals, in accordance with their years of service and performance, stable and sustainable year after year pay rise each year in July, the Government will change depending on the price situation, a comprehensive adjustment of treatment. More excellent than private institutions, and increasing year by year.

    Third, improve the welfare system:

    In-service civil servants, their parents, spouses and children can participate in the insurance in accordance with the law, and stability to their lives; retirement, and their spouses will also enjoy the insurance to protect their old age. Because the public service is a model of the whole country, the welfare of civil servants is more perfect, the private sector employee benefits are also getting perfect.

    Fourth, to enhance the self, self-achievement:

    Provided by government agencies is a huge structure, sound, simple and stable environment, personnel and orderly promotion of the organization, so individuals can not worry about the stability of the positive achievements of the self.

    To sum up, no matter at any time, when you search for a new job, the Government should first appear in your mind, because any level of government is the largest local employer.


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    First, stabilize but there is guarantee: Once government functionary no matter appoints and remove, treatment, transferred and promoted or punishinging after obtaining the qualification of appointing in examination in accordance with the law, restrained and ensured by the law, unless violate the decree, otherwise only admitted to the government functionary, you needn't worry seeing such questions as the boss' face or dismiss with severance pay, unemployed, etc.. forever.

    Second, adjust the firewood well-paidly and every year: Roughly but the speech, the government functionary's beginnig salary is high than general folk enterprises, get a salary raise steadily continuously year by year according to personal age and service seniority, efficiency evaluation, every July, the government will also look at the change situation of the price, adjust the treatment in an all-round way.: Wo comes excellently more compared with the private organ, and increase year by year.

    Third, perfect welfare system: When the government functionary is on the job, its parents, spouse and children participate in the insurance in accordance with the law, with stable its' life; After retiring, spouse and its I can also enjoy the insurance, in order to ensure the life of its old age. Because the government functionary is the demonstration of the national all, also the more perfect the welfare of the government functionary is, also the more perfect the employee welfare of folk enterprises becomes.

    Dr.eye: Fourth, promote the self-, self- achievement: What the government bodies offer is that a structure is huge, sound, the stable simplicity of environment, personnel are transferred and promoted the orderly organization, so individual can not have creating oneself actively of worry in the stability.

    Synthesize the above, no matter any time, as you seek a new job, the government work should appear in your brain at first, because governments of any rank are all the oldest employer in locality

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