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    Another one based on investigation, although each people want to start an undertaking work as boss, but succeeds only then about 30%, therefore start an undertaking, when boss has its favorable factor and the disadvantage factor. The undertaking has some advantageous and the disadvantageous factor voluntarily, before decision they should the earnest rethinking, the undertaking be voluntarily a decision, a choice, you should choose a good side before the undertaking, the pursue money and the success is each person's dream, but must succeed or the defeat completely and carries out the strength and the fund and the talented person in own ability gets together decided that starts an undertaking oneself, when boss the most important function does for the technological development engine, must be able to assist technical shifting as well as the talented person and the fund flowing. Must start an undertaking voluntarily must the fund, the technology, research and develop the talented person gets together adds on again represents “the personal connection and the money arteries” the friend to help one another, the undertaking already succeeded the larger part, moreover must elect to the profession, individual undertaking's dream needs to put to realize difficultly in the choice profession. In starts an undertaking you to voluntarily in any event understand that its favorable factor and disadvantage factor, oneself whether to have ability to overcome the solution, starts an undertaking voluntarily the favorable factor for you are own boss, you can control and decide how you can do may arrange the plan, the benefit achievement to belong to itself, only want has success's or failure's responsibility and the pressure

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    且靠著團購商品 又可以讓你省錢

    這樣的方法 是不是很吸引你呢



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    大概都是翻譯軟體,再加修改, 牛頭不對馬嘴...Everyone wants to start when the boss ??

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  • 另一依據調查雖然每個人都想創業當老闆,但成功的只有大約30%,所以自己創業當老闆有它的有利因素和不利因素。

    翻譯~: Another is it is it work as boss to start an undertaking to want by everybody according to investigation, the successful one there is about 30%, so start an undertaking as the boss has its favorable factor and unfavourable factor by oneself.

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    Although based on a survey Everyone wants to start when the boss, but the only successful about 30% of their business when the boss has its advantages and disadvantages.

    To start their own business there are a number of favorable and unfavorable factors in their decision should be seriously thinking repeat, is a decision to start their own business, a choice in the business before you should choose a good one, the pursuit of money and success is everybody's dream, but To succeed or fail completely in their own ability and execution and funding professionals and the aggregate decision, the owners of their business the most important function is to serve as the engine of technological development, must be able to assist in technology transfer and human resources as well as the flow of capital. To start their own business will be financial, technical, research and development personnel together with the aggregate on behalf of the "network of connections with money" to help friends, business has been most successful, will have to re-election for the industry, individual entrepreneurial dream to be difficult to put into practice in the Select industry.

    In any case, their business in China you have to understand its advantages and disadvantages, and their ability to overcome resolved to start their own business of the favorable factors for you are your own boss, you can control and how to decide their own arrangements for the scheme can be done, The outcome of the interests of their own, but has to be the success or failure of responsibility and pressure

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