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    A: Hi, I haven't seen you for a long time since we graduated from school.

    B: Yes, what are you up to?

    A: I am busy at work. I have to contact with many people every day.

    B: Are you a public servant?

    A: I hope so, but I am not. My job has to offer the best service to my customers.

    B: What's the age of your customers? Children, men, women, the old or the young.

    A: All of them are my customers. Besides, I also have to communicate with my customers' family.

    B: I see. You are an insurance salesperson. That's a challenging job.

    A: No, I think I am not suitable for this kind of job because I have to persuade them to pay money. I think that's difficult for me.

    B: Does your job have seasonal necessary, or it has relation with economic fluctuation?

    A: I don't think so. If someone needs it, it is necessary to consume at any time.

    B: Do you sell stocks or mutual funds in the bank?

    A: No, these also connect with economic fluctuation, don't they?

    B: You are right. Does everyone need your product?

    A: Yes, everyone needs our products and services.

    B: Sounds mysterious. Why do you choose this job?

    A: At present, it is a very popular job and lets me make much money.

    B: Does it need any certificate?

    A: Of course. The certificate is getting more important no matter what kind of job.

    B: Is it difficult to pass the exam?

    A: Maybe a little.

    B: Are there lots of people compete in this job?

    A: More and more people.

    B: Is it expensive?

    A: That depends on the situation, but I can make my customers become more beautiful.

    B: Oh, you are a wedding designer, and you have to promote your pictures, right?

    A: No, it's quite different from my job.

    B: OK, stop playing the puzzle game. Tell me your job.

    A: This is my name card. If you need any service, please feel free to call me.

    B: Oh, my god. You make up for the dead people. I think I have to be serviced by you in the quite far future.


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