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Jannes羽恩 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

中翻英 信件格式


在長春藤美語,我跟您一起學了很多英文上的知識,很好,也讓我現在的英文變的很好! 謝謝您!

這個特別的日子裡,希望你每天都很開心,頭髮雖然白了,但心不老,是最重要的喔,學生在此希望您保重身體,才能教導更多學生認識英文,體驗學英文的好處! 祝: 聖誕快樂!



這特別的日子裡,希望你每天開心,永保青春少女風,也希望你能照顧好自己的身體,才能教育更多的孩子! 祝: 聖誕快樂!

以上幫我翻成英文,勿用美式口語翻譯! 勿用翻譯機!

請以寫信的方式翻譯 也做好格式,標點符號之分,請都用敬體,謝謝!

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  • 1 0 年前

    Dear John Teacher:

    Ivy League in American English, I told you to learn a lot of English on the knowledge, well, let me now become a very good English! Thank you!

    This special day, I hope you are happy every day, although the white hair, but the heart is not old, is the most important Oh, students in the hope you'll take care of themselves in order to teach more students understand the English, to experience the benefits of learning English ! wish: Merry Christmas!

    Charlie Dear Teacher:

    Ivy League in the United States and language, you have learned a lot with the alphabet, although sometimes I am a little well-behaved, but I hope you will not angry, but also thank you for paying me a lot of knowledge of English!

    This particular day, I hope you happy every day, forever young girls wind, but also hope that you will take good care of their bodies in order to education more children! Wish: Merry Christmas!


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